Who am I and why did Set Me Free - Zero Waste start?

My name is Triin and I am actively incorporating zero waste and low impact living into my daily routine. I am a Londoner and also a mother to a toddler and soon to another little baby. The amount of plastic I have to face and refuse every day is huge and it's not an easy task at hand.

At the beginning of 2018 I walking along the beach and noticed the amount of rubbish, that had swept to the beach, instead of enjoying the light breeze and emerald sea. That and having just seen David Attenborough's Blue Planet really gave me a kick to do something about my lifestyle and I immersed myself into any literature I could find online on zero waste. Soon I discovered Bea Johnson and her 'Zero Waste Home' philosophy and all of a sudden the journey became much easier to imagine. I found that even there are many people that are going along with zero waste living, it is still hard to find all the essentials in one place. Another point is of course, the mainstream attitude, of quite not understanding, why a plastic bag is not necessary and why I avoid plastic packaging at supermarket. It seems that it is changing and I'm really positive on how low impact living and the term zero waste can become a lot closer to many. 

I conducted a survey amongst zero waste followers, results of which, I will also share on my blog separately, and one of the points brought out was that it is rather hard to have access to zero waste products. Therefore Set Me Free was born, to help people have access to all these alternatives that have become available to us, to live our lives more sustainably. I hope you find the selection on this website helpful and inspiring, to make a swap from at least one of your disposable items to a reusable one. It's the first step that matters and from then on, the next ones are much easier to take.