Zero Waste Shampoos - tried and tested

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Shampoo bars have been one of my favourite things to experiment with in the past couple of months. Seeing less plastic bottles in my bathroom has been motivating and I have to say that so far I have learnt that not only do shampoo bars take very little space, they can also last a lot longer compared to liquid shampoos.  If you're looking to create some space in your bathroom and be part of the circular economy, I'd definitely recommend trying some of these out.

I’ve listed below the ones that I’ve tried and tested and hopefully help you in your search for the right one.

I started journey to shampoo bars around 12 years ago, when I bought a shampoo bar from Lush. I bought it because it was very compact and easy to take for travels in a tin jar, I wasn’t thinking about zero waste then. However, I never bought a new one and forgot about it. 

 Until now. Since June I’ve tried 4 different shampoo bars and here is what I found.

Friendly Soap shampoo bar

I started with Friendly Soap shampoo bars, which came recommended. It looks like soap, the price is very reasonable (£2.62, 95g), however, it really didn’t work for my hair nor for my husband’s. I really wished it would work, as all the ingredients are completely natural and I very much like both options (Lavender&Geranium and Lavender&Tea tree). Sadly my hair felt uncomfortably heavy after the wash and it wasn’t ‘flowing’ in the air, as it normally does. Or as I’d like to think it does. I do like Friendly Soap's soap bars, particularly the Charcoal Detox Bar, which I recommend to try out.

Lush Montalbano Shampoo bar

My  next stop was back to Lush, who are meant to know what they’re doing. I bought the Montalbano shampoo bar (£6.50, 55g), as well as a conditioning bar and a hot oil treatment. It worked liked magic. The shampoo lathers really well and adding a bit of conditioner does the trick. The hot oil treatment is actually enough for two uses, so I’ll be sure to half it up when I buy it next. 

However, there is one problem for me with Lush solid shampoos - it contains SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and quite a lot of it. It is drying for the skin and it also uses palm oil in its production. Lush are very open about it and they've even got a featured article explaining, why consumers shouldn't be concerned here. and how they are doing their best to cut it out from their supply chain.

As I am currently pregnant, I’m very conscious about using any sort of chemicals and I love my orangutans, so sadly for now Lush shampoos are out of question for me. 

Lamazuna shampoo bar

 On my visit to Paris I went to Lamazuna zero waste shop. I'd seen their shampoos online before and wanted to make use of me being in Paris to go and find them. The store was very simple and I was glad to find shampoo bars that were gentle and very easy to use. Although they don't look as colourful as the ones of Lush, the shampoo bar I bought, with Scots Pine for normal hair (€ 9.90 55g), does work very well. Their shampoo bars are palm oil free, don't contain sulphates, using stearic acid derived from Italian olive oil instead. It’s meant to be equivalent to 2 bottles of liquid shampoo and I can totally see that considering it has hardly gone down in size since I've used it.

Beauty Kubes

My shampoo discovery didn't end there however. I’d heard about Beauty Kubes some months ago and I was very much looking forward to trying them out. They come in a paper box of 27 kubes, each kube being one wash (£8.50, 27 kubes). It's equivalent to a bottle of 300ml of liquid shampoo. I was amazed how well this shampoo lathers and my hair actually feels cleaner longer than with other shampoos. I normally wash my hair every other day. however now I tend to wash my hair every 3rd day. Beauty Kubes are made in the UK, in Cornwall and I'm really happy to say that they are also in stock on my website and can be purchased here for normal hair and here for the unisex option to share with your other half.

I know that everyone's hair is different, so it probably needs a bit of trial and error to see what works for you.

 If you're keen to try out Beauty Kubes, which I throughly recommend and their are difficult to get hold of, I'm currently offering 20% off with first orders with code SMF20.

Feel free to comment below about your solid shampoo preferences and let me know what has worked for you.


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