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I'm very happy to be selling Bot Bot Butter from Squeaky Clean Skincare company on Set Me Free online boutique. I fell in love with the name from the start and absolutely love the plastic free natural products that Holly Gibson, from Squeaky Clean Natural Skincare creates. I was in search for plastic free natural products with my first child and it's great that these have become available now when I'm expecting my second!

Please find below an interview with Holly - some great tips also on how to live a zero waste lifestyle!

How did you start Squeaky Clean Natural Skincare and who came up with the name?

I actually took over the running of Squeaky Clean Natural Skincare earlier this year from the amazing founder, Sophie. Like me she had children and soon realised that all of the products on the high street were less than ideal for babies skin and so she created Squeaky Clean. I had been making my own skincare for a while and never dreamed I'd end up making it to sell one day but when I saw the opportunity to take on the business I knew it was right for me, it was the perfect fit.

How important is being plastic free to you? How have you achieved low impact with your products?

I have been reducing how much plastic I use in my day to day life for a couple of years so it is very important to me to incorporate this into Squeaky Clean. I request plastic free packaging from my suppliers where possible and try to ensure my parcels are also sent without plastic. In order to achieve low waste I will re-use any plastic packaging I have over buying new as long as the recipient could also re-use it. I also still have plastic pumps available for some of my products for this same reason. I can't justify throwing these items away, although they are plastic that would be extremely wasteful.

Which other brands have been an inspiration to you?

I wouldn't be doing what I am without the wonderful Sheffield Skincare Company. That is where I learnt about natural skincare and attended workshops on how to make facial oils and body moisturisers. All of their products are fantastic. I'm also loving Kutis Skincare at the moment, their deodorant comes in a cardboard tube and works really well.

What would be your advice to someone who is completely new to zero waste living?

Slow down. You don't need to do it all once. It's so tempting at first to buy a Keepcup, a reusable straw and a spork (I know because I did) but think about whether or not you need these things. Do you have a travel cup already, how often do you actually use straws and I'm pretty sure you have cutlery in your kitchen drawer that you could quite easily carry around in your bag. Zero waste isn't just about reducing packaging it's about reducing how much you consume too. If you have a perfectly good plastic water bottle there is no need to replace it with a glass or metal one. When it does need replacing that's when you make a more sustainable choice. If you take small steps it's less overwhelming. A good place to start is switching from regular shampoo to shampoo bars, you may need to persevere to find the right one for you but it really is worth it.

What do you see as main challenges to parents reducing waste in their lives? What could help?

I think one of the main challenges is the perception that it will be expensive and difficult. Take cloth nappies for instance, we are so used to the convenience and low cost (although how much is it really costing?) of disposable nappies that it can be daunting to think about the initial cost and how you would use cloth nappies if you were out of the house all day. Arming parents with information about nappy libraries and just generally talking about alternatives would help enormously.

What are the 3 main achievements that you feel most proud of?

Surviving the first year of parenthood - serious high fives all round! I'm really proud of how my children are learning from my example in reducing waste. My seven year old is on the 'green team' at school and will always pick up plastic rubbish when we are in the park or on the beach. He understands the impact it can have. I'm also proud of how well Squeaky Clean is doing, I was really nervous about taking over an existing brand - especially one that was so well loved locally - and doing it justice. I've just launched a new scent for our Bot Bot Butter and will be adding more products in the coming months.

Bump Oil Squeaky Clean Skincare

What do you like most yourself about Squeaky Clean Natural Skincare and why we should love it?

I love our Beautiful Bump Oil, it just smells so good. It's great for stretch marks and scars. I actually use it as a night cream too as Rosehip Oil is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles - fingers crossed :)

Bot Bot Butter is available from here on Set Me Free. 


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