My (almost) Zero Waste Hospital Bag

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At 38 weeks pregnant it's pretty much the last time to start packing the hospital bag.  Zero waste was not on my radar when I went to deliver my first child, however this time around I'm making conscious effort to have mostly reusable items with me.

Zero Waste Hospital Bag

So here's what I have packed. How am I doing so far?


Reusable Breast Pads from Marley’s Monster - All going well I will be breastfeeding as I did with my first child and I know that pads will be essential for the next few months. It'll be interesting to see how absorbent the reusable pads are as I did not even consider these with my first pregnancy. Marley's Monsters pads have beautiful patterns or also plain options, so I'm looking forward to trying these out.

Thinx Underwear - Using tampons or a Mooncup is out of question for me. Even just having a little tear makes things very uncomfortable down there, so it’s important to be as gentle as possible. I’ve ordered Thinx Hiphugger underwear which is meant to be as absorbent as 2 tampons. It looks really quite light and the design of the underwear is pretty cool. I'm not 100% convinced that it'll be enough post delivery, especially after reading this article,  however, there's only one way to find out.

Cheeky Wipes sanitary pads - There’s a 20% off offer on all sanitary pads on Cheeky Wipes website in September, so I’ve ordered a starter kit and an extra heavy flow one. Hopefully I'll be able to use a combination of Thinx and the sanitary pads. The design of these is absolutely adorable and the fabric is very soft. It looks like I'm meant to wash these only with cold water, otherwise the stains get stuck in, must keep that in mind. The wet bag with dragonflies looks incredibly discreet and good size, so being quite hopeful with these.

Tens Machine - Although giving oneself electric shocks doesn't sound very appealing, then this little machine really helped me progress through my first labour. I'm hoping to use it again, depending on how things go.

Beauty Kubes are coming with me, plus a few reusable facial rounds with my Fushi argan oil and my Evolve solid deodorant. I'm taking my electric toothbrush, I had it before and feel it's better to keep this instead of ditching it for a bamboo one.

Change of clothes and spare underwear. Something not too glamorous and loose.


Bodysuits + outfit to go home in I have kept some white bodysuits which I used for my daughter and my sister bought me a couple of preloved bodysuits with a little hat. 

Nappies As I'm aiming to start with cloth nappies from the start, I'm bringing a set of 6 cloth nappies to the hospital from Alva Baby. However, being realistic and not having used a cloth nappy yet, as a back up I've bought some Kit&Kin nappies, which biodegrade 5 years instead of 500. I understand though that in order for these to biodegrade, you'd have to dispose of them separately from your household waste, so put in a separate compostable bag for example, so the nappies are exposed to UV light.

Blanket I got an adorable one with elephants from Fara charity shop. They always have some amazing choices of clothes if you're looking for low waste living, especially in Notting Hill and Primrose Hill.

Pram suit Little white hand-me-down from big sister that she wore when coming home.


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