Inspiration for Zero Waste July: Rachel Vosper's candle refills

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For some it's dry January, for others it's zero waste July. Or why not both?

We have found the most indulgent thing to do in London to get you in the spirit of zero waste July. As a mother I know how important it is to take some time for oneself and simply relax. Preferably with a book, in the bath with a glass of bubbly and most definitely a beautifully scented candle. It does not happen often. Not at all.

Rachel Vosper's studio in Belgravia gives you the option to create a candle inside an object of your choice. It could be a tiny crystal vase, a tea cup or anything that may have a special value to you and fits in your home. One can also choose their own scents from the fragrance library.  It almost feel like choosing ones perfume, with top, middle and base notes. We are quite keen on the Hellebores, consisting of Peony heads, Green Sap, Wild Rose, Jasmine, Dusky Patchouli and Vanilla Amber.

The price for this service of a bit of luxury is not as eye watering as one might think. The smallest size candle of 200g will cost you 24 pounds. To give a new life to something that perhaps is not used much or has a special meaning to you, it's not much.

Rachel actually got into candle making in 1994 on a beach on Barbados through a chance meeting with a candle maker. Now one of the leading British candle chandlers, she is very much in support of the tailored service. 'I like being given the chance to use something sentimental and old that has been brought in by a customer - perhaps it has been tucked away in a cupboard for years or inherited - and then give it a new lease of life.'

How beautiful,  we cannot wait to try.

Visit Rachel's shop on 69 Kinnerton St, Belgravia, London SW1X 8ED and find their website here. 




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